Voting according to our policy

It is expected that fund managers in the UK will disclose how they have proxy voted at the annual general meetings of companies in which they are invested. The tables accessed from the links, below, show voting according to the vote policy of Old Mutual Global Investors.  The tables are divided into quarters.  The records go no further back since the start of 2015 because that is when we began to give proxy voting instructions.

Each table is sorted by company name, the date of the meeting and then each resolution number. 

The tables show, for each resolution, how our voting policy has been applied to the resolution.  The table may also contain, particularly in some of the more controversial examples or where we may have a case to vote against a resolution, a brief summary as to how we have voted.  We would also, for UK companies, draw attention to our statement on compliance the UK stewardship code  which notes our practice and policy regarding engagement with companies in which we invest client monies, other than simply voting.  We also report on some of that contact in our Engagement Reports. 

It will be our practice to publish recent voting in the following quarter.   


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2015 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

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