We at Old Mutual Global Investors would like to see you at your very best; therefore it is essential you take into account our interview tips.

Step 1 – preparation:

The importance of preparation cannot be stressed enough - it is essential for a successful interview. The better prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be.


Step 2 - The interview:

Making the right first impression:

  • Arrive on time or a few minutes early. Late arrival for an interview is inexcusable
  • Greet the interviewer by his or her name
  • Follow the interviewer's lead; let them set the tone of the interview.

Body language:

  • Shake hands firmly.
  • Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting
  • Sit upright in your chair and look alert and interested at all times
  • Be a good listener as well as a good talker
  • Smile and maintain eye contact
  • If there is more than one interviewer, maintain eye contact with the person asking the question.

Competency based interview:

  • In this style of interview we are looking for you to discuss relevant examples of things that you have actually done rather than theorise about what may be done in a given situation.
  • Competency based questions tend to work in the following way:
  • Situation and Constraints
  • What you did
  • Why you did it that way
  • Who else was involved
  • What you achieved.

Reasons for not asking you back:

  • Appearance: Many candidates do not consider their appearance as much as they should. First impressions are often made very quickly, often within the first three to five seconds of an interaction.
  • Lack of research: It's obvious when candidates haven’t researched the position, OMGI or the Asset Management industry prior to the interview. Have a look around our website to learn more about us and do some research on us.
  • Not having questions to ask: Asking questions demonstrates your interest in the company and the position. Prepare a list of questions in advance.