Here is a list of all Frequently Asked Questions from our previous applicants:

When is the opening date for applications?

5th December 2016

When is the closing date for applications?

3rd January 2017

How do I apply?

Complete the online application form using the link in the Apply now section. During the application process be sure to use an updated CV, which should include academic and extra-curricular activities. As part of the application process you will be asked to answer a question, you may prefer to write this in a separate document and then copy and paste your answer into the space provided. Please note that you cannot complete your application without submitting an answer to the question.

How do I apply for the Hong Kong based opportunity?

Please ensure that you apply for the Internship opportunity with our Asian Equities team. Please be aware that you must be eligible to work in Hong Kong and be able to support yourself regarding accommodation whilst there.

The selection process will differ slightly to the UK internship and successful applicants will be contacted individually via email regarding the assessment process.

What are you looking for in your interns?

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate individuals who are keen to learn and engage with our talented teams. An interest in financial services is desired but an inquisitive mind with a willingness to learn is most important. In addition to this each advert will give a list of criteria we require for that positon.

Can I choose which area of the business I would like to be placed in?

You can make more than one application if you would like to, however you will need to complete a full application for each role.  

How will I know if my application has been successful?

You will be notified in January via email if you have been selected to attend the technical assessment.

What should I expect at the Technical Assessment?

Depended on the department you have been shortlisted for, you will be asked to complete a relevant technical assessment. All assessments will be completed remotely. Instructions and information on the format of the assessment will be sent out to successful applicants.

What is the final selection stage?

If you are successful at the technical assessment then you will be invited to attend an assessment centre at our London office. This will consist of two interviews, the first being a competency based interview with the Human Resources team. This will assess your behavioural and interpersonal skill set. The second will be with departmental members which are specific to your placement. As well as assessing your behavioural skill set, they will also consider your knowledge regarding financial services and your career aspirations.

What is a competency based interview?

This style of interview will encourage you to give situational examples of times in the past when you have performed particular tasks or achieved particular outcomes using certain skills. A typical question might be ‘talk through a time when you had to prioritise your workload to achieve multiple deadlines?’ See Interview Tips section for further examples.

What is behavioural and interpersonal skill set?

The answer to this is varied but broadly these skills help us to integrate well in an office environment, communicate with others effectively and achieve desired outcomes through positive interactions. Bad communication either verbal or written can exacerbate issues and lead to unforeseen problems at work. See interview tips for more information.

Where will the selection stages take place?

The Technical Assessment will be completed remotely. The final stage of selection will take place at our offices at 2 Lambeth Hill, London, EC4P 4WR.

Can I claim travel expenses to attend the final selection stage? 

OMGI will reimburse travelling expenses for candidates who live in excess of 20 miles from central London, to a maximum of £50. Please note this is limited to the UK only and therefore excludes travel from outside the UK.  

When does the internship commence and finish?

Monday 3rd July 2017 – Friday 1st September 2017

What are the working hours?

9am–5pm but you may be required at times, to work longer than your contracted hours to complete your duties.

Is the internship paid?

Yes, it is paid at an annualised rate of £22K.

What will I do during the internship?

Specific tasks will vary dependent on teams. For more details please view the job adverts for each role.

Who will be my key contact during the internship?

Each intern will be assigned a mentor from their function. Your mentor will set appropriate objectives for the scheme and they, along with HR will provide a formal assessment at the end of the placement. You will meet on a weekly basis with your mentor to discuss your objectives and any other issues that have arisen. A member from the HR team will also meet with you on a fortnightly basis and will provide further advice and support where required.

How will my performance be evaluated?

Your mentor will scope out appropriate objectives at the beginning of the internship and this will form your Performance Scorecard. These objectives will detail your daily tasks and project objectives as well as any behavioural competencies that are required for successful completion of your internship. Your performance will be evaluated via your scorecard and you will receive detailed feedback from your mentor and HR team member at the end of the internship.

What happens after the internship?

Once you have completed your internship you will be given the chance to join the OMGI alumni.

Will you support any Visa applications or living costs?

You must be eligible to work in the EU and we will not support any living costs.

A query I have isn't detailed here, where should I turn?

If you have any further questions regarding the internship programme, please contact: sarah.barnes@omglobalinvestors.com


Now you know the basics, take the plunge and Apply Now.