What our interns had to say about OMGI

Our programme is designed to attract ambitious, driven individuals who desire something different from their internship experience. We offer a holistic programme which provides exposure to talented investment professionals whilst providing opportunity to learn and grow as individuals.

See what some of our previous interns had to say about their experience at OMGI who worked in different roles.




We have just recently launched the new intranet to allow team members to interact, however, my mentor has just informed me, that he is going away this week and has delegated site control to me… No pressure!

After completing his Internship in September 2013, Aaron was offered a permanent role with OMGI in December 2013. After completing a rotation in a four different departments Aaron successfully secured a role as a Quant Analyst with our Multi-Asset investment team and continues to have an active role in supporting our Internship programme.




I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team at a very ambitious and successful investment management company.

It is extremely rare to find an organisation where the CEO himself welcomes interns on their first day. Also, where else do interns get to organise a social event for the employees?




The internship was a hugely beneficial experience that I would thoroughly recommend to any students looking to not only boost their CV but also learn lots of transferrable new skills. The OMGI employees are extremely welcoming which allows interns to settle in very quickly. The programme will give you exposure to all the departments of the business, offering you a chance to develop a holistic understanding of a top asset management company.

At the end of the 2015 Internship Andrew was offered a role in our Investment Risk team, where he could apply the skills and experience that he had gained through the OMGI Internship programme. OMGI will assist Andrew’s continuing development by supporting him to complete his FRM certification in 2016.




I feel there are two key drivers as to why I’m learning so much; firstly everyone here is so nice, you can ask anyone a question and they will answer it, and secondly, the projects I’m working on for my desk are real and they would have to be done by someone else if I were not here. 

My day to day work varied dependent on the projects that needed completing and as such required very good time management skills. These projects included checking the data in KIIDs and prospectuses, cross referencing the wording in documents to check it is consistent and analysing past sales data.




At the beginning I felt very challenged with the work I was given. In hindsight, I’m very grateful that it happened this way because it has definitely made me more confident as a person and eventually enabled me to deliver a great end of internship presentation to my team.

The project I was set was a worthwhile contribution which was excellent for me as I felt like I was really part of the team and helping them to make insightful investment decisions. My work load was heavy but I wouldn’t change this if I had the chance, I learnt more than I ever have in these 9 weeks and I am so thankful for that.




I’m sitting within the quant team. Basically, the team employs quantitative models to construct, rebalance portfolios. People usually do some research to improve the factor model, risk model, etc., do coding to implement these changes, find solutions for data downloading problem, and trade once a week. Over the past summer, I completed two projects: one is dual line stock research another is design MATLAB GUI. I spent most of my time doing coding and debugging.




I have met many inspiring people throughout my internship. I have felt so welcomed by everyone at OMGI and feel I have made good relationships and met people I will keep in touch with.

I also have a real interest in gender equality in the workplace and am genuinely inspired by women who work at OMGI in roles with lots of responsibility that have a great work/family balance.




My mentor was absolutely fantastic. He was very patient and very understanding and dedicated to helping me learn and to getting the best out of my experience. He helped to introduce me to the rest of the team and really made me feel welcome as a whole in the company. He has been approachable, kind and a great teacher.




During the internship at OMGI I have felt like there is no such thing as a stupid question, the culture here has given me the confidence to poke and prod for further depth and clarification.


James Thomas


The primary cultural benefit of internships to OMGI is that we secure high calibre individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing fresh thinking to the business. Through their work on specific business-wide projects, we ensure that new thinking is applied as broadly as possible from the outset. Our culture is intended to encourage new ways of thinking and our internship scheme is an integral support to that objective.