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UK Election: Investing after yet another voter revolt

Our multi-asset portfolios were already positioned for an extended period of uncertainty in the UK, says Anthony Gillham, co-investment director, multi asset

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The Youngsters’ Revolution

This was a vote on income and asset inequality across the age brackets. While the result may not have been the obvious preference of the financial markets, there remain reasons to be optimistic.

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ECB takes baby steps towards policy normalisation - Investment commentary from Nicholas Wall

The long journey to European Central Bank (ECB) policy normalisation continues in baby steps. The ECB left policy unchanged but acknowledged that the risks to the growth outlook are no longer “tilted to the downside” and that it does not foresee cutting interest rates over the medium term. This is eminently sensible – the ECB could neither credibly look the market in the eye and deny the improvement in the macroeconomic picture, nor claim that an interest rate cut might be needed soon.

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Old Mutual Global Investors unveils Strategic Absolute Return Bond Fund

Old Mutual Global Investors (OMGI), part of Old Mutual Wealth, has enhanced its fixed income range by converting the Ireland-domiciled, US$24.8m¹ Old Mutual Global Strategic Bond Fund into the Old Mutual Strategic Absolute Return Bond Fund (the fund).

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Old Mutual Global Investors sponsors Leap’s awards for the third year running

For the third year running, Old Mutual Global Investors (OMGI), part of Old Mutual Wealth, is proud to be sponsoring the ‘Lighting the Fire’, Leap’s annual excellence awards which are taking place in London on Thursday, 18 May.

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