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Financial markets are as unpredictable as ever. Against the backdrop of the UK’s Brexit vote, unprecedented levels of monetary easing, and some 30% of all the world’s sovereign debt producing a negative yield – not to mention fraught elections in the US and Europe – the prospect of calmer times ahead looks, in the near-term at least, highly unlikely. Amid this uncertainty and associated volatility, it is little surprise that many investors are looking to alternative strategies to help reduce risk, and diversify portfolios. 



“We have spent most of the last decade developing the strategy and tools we use. We now have advanced technology and one of the best-resourced teams we’ve ever had.”

Paul Shanta and Adam Purzitsky, co-fund managers, Old Mutual Absolute Return Government Bond Fund

Paul Shanta and Adam Purzitsky give their views on the market and macroeconomic outlook, and discuss how investors can generate returns from G-10 bond markets when yields are so low.

Shared Thinking

Interest rates, inflation and policy in a low-growth world

We should expect global central banks to continue to do the heavy lifting as even though increased fiscal easing is appealing, the hurdles remain too high…


“In a world of growing financial instability and negative interest rates, gold and silver are returning to the forefront of investors’ minds as pre-eminent monetary substitutes.”

Ned Naylor-Leyland, manager, Old Mutual Gold & Silver Fund

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Gold’s perfect storm

Unconventional monetary policy is storing up a raft of problems for investors, forcing them to take on ever increasing amounts of risk…


“A low net exposure means we have the potential to deliver steady returns with low correlation to UK equity markets. We can focus on stock-picking, adding value through short positions as well as long.”

Tim Service, manager, Old Mutual UK Specialist Equity Fund

Tim Service and Simon Murphy discuss the case for long/short equity investing in an investment environment characterised by heightened volatility and market uncertainty.

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Stock-picking our way through the uncertainty

The opportunity set, both on the long and short side, is as compelling as it has ever been…