Gold: right time, right place

As the US and eurozone central banks unwind unconventional monetary policy and the risk of policy misfires rises, gold can act as a hedge against the impact of policy errors on portfolio performance.

Webcast - Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund - June 2018

Richard Buxton presents an update on the Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund.

Emerging market equities: be selective

Nick Payne, head of global emerging markets, examines the reasons behind the current volatility in emerging markets and what this means for equity investors.

Real interest rates are the real drivers of the gold price

To the uninitiated, the rising geopolitical tensions that have peppered the investment landscape of late should have resulted in a powerful upwards move in the gold price.

How should you navigate market volatility?

After a quiet 2017, volatility returned to equity markets in 2018. Ian Heslop and Justin Wells discuss how investors should face the new market environment.

Embrace the new normal

Stock market corrections are a healthy part of everyday investing. Embrace them.


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