2016 generated more questions than answers for investors. Many will now be asking if 2017 will see more of the same uncertainty. How will the USA’s relationship with the world work under President Trump? Can emerging markets reach their potential? What is in store for the EU as more member states head to the polls? In our annual compilation of articles, OMGI’s investment experts share their thoughts on the key questions and challenges of our times.


Warren Tonkinson
2016 was a year of extraordinary change in markets and in world events. Given markets’ elevated levels of the year, how many would have predicted their...

The times they are a a-changin'

Richard Buxton

UK equities

The profound sea-change in fiscal and monetary policy that investors witnessed during the last few months of 2016 could have a significant...

Multi Asset: an education

Anthony Gillham

Multi Asset

It has been just over year since I became co-investment director of the Old Mutual Wealth investment division’s multi asset unit...

Ignore the macro and look at the companies

Ian Ormiston

European small cap

Europe’s economy is dull and slow-moving and everyone knows it. However, it also boasts a fertile...

It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine?)

Simon Murphy

UK long/short

2016 has certainly been a year of surprises, not only on the political front but also in the...

Japan embraces Abe-led change

Rob Weatherston

Japanese equities

Abenomics has change at its very core: change to the way in which the Japanese economy works change to the very structures...

2017: The year of the unanswered question

Tim Service

UK long/short

History students of the future may well spend whole terms studying the extraordinary events of 2016...

Adding spice to your portfolio

Josh Crabb

Asian equities

India is one of the brighter jewels in the Asian crown, courtesy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s landmark macroeconomic reforms....

The birth of Trumponomics

Adam Purzitsky


In line with his much touted plan to put America first, Donald Trump could well be the next world leader after Shinzo Abe of Japan to...

The case for EMD resilience

John Peta and Delphine Arrighi

Emerging market debt

Amid improving macroeconomic fundamentals, growing investor hunger for yield and highly accommodative developed-market monetary ...

Escape from the black hole

Lloyd Harris

Corporate bonds

Time is a precious commodity. Time allows banks to earn interest on their loan books. Over time, banks’ profits from interest...

The rebirth of nationalism

Ian Heslop

Global equities

Liberal political elites have failed in their duty to the less well off, opening the door to a resurgence of nationalism that...

Making wage increases great again

Mark Nash and Nicholas Wall

Global bonds

Globalisation has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very...

Once bitten, twice shy - positioning for uncertainty

Dan Nickols and Richard Watts

UK small/mid cap

Discussion on the prospects for the UK small and mid-cap market in 2017 at a time when all eyes...