Geopolitical rumblings aside, 2017 has been characterised by several persistent trends, including low equity market volatility, and a widening chasm between value and growth stocks. But as long as global inflation remains subdued, investors have appeared largely willing to ‘reach for yield,’ making risk assets even more expensive and anchoring bond yields in the process. Sadly, no investor has a crystal ball but, irrespective of what the future holds, experienced fund managers will recognise the value of adhering to a set of guiding principles. As we enter 2018, allow OMGI’s investment experts to share some of their views with you – we hope you enjoy reading them.


Warren Tonkinson

Managing Director

2017 has not been without many of the macroeconomic and political uncertainties to which we have all grown accustomed; indeed...

Goldilocks, two bears and a bull

Richard Buxton

UK equities

For much of 2017, the stock market could have been likened to the character of Goldilocks, the little girl who, after some difficulty....

Blockchain: the missing link?

Ned Naylor-Leyland

Gold & silver

Going back almost 600 years, global reserve currencies have tended to enjoy a prolonged but finite lifetime, spanning between 80 and 110 years...

Innovation, innovation, innovation

Ian Ormiston

European smaller companies

Gone are the days when European large caps powered the region’s innovation push. Instead...

Small is still nimble

Dan Nickols

UK smaller companies

Since the UK electorate’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), the past 17 or so months have been interesting ones...

The perfect ingredients

Nick Payne

Emerging market equities

Abenomics has change at its very core: change to the way in which the Japanese economy works change to the very structures...

Dividends talk

Ed Meier

UK equity income

At a time of low interest rates, it is hard for investors requiring an income to find sound and adequate yields. A good solution...

All power to the profits

Josh Crabb

Asian equities

When is a rising market not expensive? When it continues to benefit from impressive earnings upgrades. Investment text books tell us....

Why EMD need not fear the Fed

John Peta

Emerging market debt

US President Donald Trump might succeed in advancing his agenda of hefty tax cuts and infrastructure spending...

Why banks deserve to be loved

Rob James


Once upon a time bankers were held in the highest regard, as pillars of the community. All very safe and sound. But times change...

Behavioural bias

Ian Heslop and Justin Wells

Global equities

The 2017 Nobel prize in economics went to Professor Richard Thaler. A pioneer of behavioural finance, Thaler has demonstrated...

The demise of the doves

Mark Nash

Global bonds

Over the last few years, inboxes around the City of London and other financial centres have often been pummelled...

The BoE vs Brexit

Adam Purzitsky


In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote in 2016, the UK governing class was in disarray: David Cameron announced he was stepping...

Beyond the bell curve

Mark Greenwood

Systematic futures

Mark Twain spoke unfairly when he said, ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.’ When Google ranks webpages...

The art of implementation

Leif Cussen

Style premia

Systematic strategies that invest in style premia have become increasingly popular with investors in recent years, triggering...