Good stewardship is at the heart of OMGI’s approach to investing. Our responsible investment principles set out our commitments in this respect.

Governance, social and environmental issues are an important part of considering the potential return of an investment. In the case of shares in companies, for example, the ability of the management team is an important governance factor determining potential future success or failure. We cannot underestimate the potential impact of a changing climate on the long-term future of companies, whether that be through potential government measures to limit the emission of greenhouse gases, or adaptations required to operate in a changing, warmer climate.

However,  the issue of climate change and the impact on investments is more uncertain in the near-term. Will the COP21 Paris agreement lead to a widespread carbon tax, or substantive limitations on greenhouse gas emissions, for example? Will it even lead to a reduction in subsidies for fossil fuels? We don’t know the answers to these questions for certain but they do play a role in evaluating the prospects for companies and the risks attached to investments. They are therefore issues we must consider.

A trusted and dependable partner

We exist to help our customers, whether individual savers or large institutions, invest for the future with confidence. We never lose sight of the fact we are a steward of our clients’ assets and strive to fulfil that responsibility to the best of our abilities.

Transparent customer outcomes

We put customers first which means providing the best possible investment solutions to address their needs and which perform in line with their expectations. We provide clear information on costs and charges at the outset and throughout the life of the products.

Investing side by side

Our fund managers invest alongside our customers, with a significant percentage of their variable remuneration going directly into their own funds. The teams pride themselves on making sound investment decisions which they believe will deliver the highest risk adjusted returns.

Holding ourselves accountable

As a business, OMGI should try to exemplify what we ask companies to do. This means acting with integrity, looking after our colleagues, promoting a positive, diverse culture, treating our suppliers fairly and contributing to the communities in which we operate.

Collaborating with industry stakeholders

Maintaining a positive working relationship with regulators and governments in the countries where we invest is a priority. We work to ensure that the landscape for long term savers is as positive as it can be and provide financial education to ensure that people are well prepared for the future.

Managing environmental, social and governance risks

We believe that companies with sustainable business models, backed up with strong governance, are generally better placed to perform well over the long term. Where a company is failing to manage a financially material environmental, social or governance risk appropriately we will incorporate this into our investment approach, which may include undertaking engagement or voting action depending on the nature of the fund in which it is held.


OMGI is a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code and supports its objectives, which we believe provide a helpful framework in thinking about our investments


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